We're offering a full range of services for the entire construction industry.


high quality with exceptional physical performance characteristics providing both thermal and acoustic flexibility. we provide doors, windows and other solutions in construction field.

  • flexible for all design purposes.
  • quality and performance are guaranteed.
  • from the best manufecturers.


The thought of your home being completely automated used to be unheard of. Now, it is a reality. Smart homes and smart products are popular because they offer more convenience and security for you and your family.


Today, new glass-based products and applications are used in architecture, construction, automotive, transportation, electronics industries, passive and active coatings, and anywhere else our imagination takes us.


PVC windows and doors have proven reliable with scientific research; insulation, durability, maintenance, high strength values ​​have been one of the most suitable options for consumers.

Leading Aluminium and PVC manufactorer in Kurdistan and Iraq

All our products meet Quality standards and requirements. They are manufactured at our factory  from high quality raw materials without compromise.

Dismar Group, one of the leading companies specializing in the field of window machines required for manufacturing Aluminium pvc and upvc windows and doors in Kurdistan and Iraq.

Assertively integrate resource sucking sources through resource maximizing channels.

Office Walls division systems

Aluminium doors and windows

PVC doors and windows

Glass Facade and Cover systems

Roller Shutter, photocell and rolling doors and windows