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Dismar Group provides best quality manufacturing services and products in the fields of Aluminium doors,windows and shutters, home and business Automation, PVC doors and windows, Glass facade systems and many more.














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OUR PARTNERSour materials and resources are from the best well known fabricators around the world

Reynaers Aluminium

Reynaers Aluminium is a leading European specialist in the development and marketing of innovative and sustainable aluminium solutions for windows, doors, curtain walls, sliding systems, sun screening and conservatories. Driven by energy-efficiency and the willingness to take responsibility for the environment.


SESAMO Company emerged in Casale Monferrato, Italy, in 1965 with the intention of producing automatisms for doors, windows and shutters. As early as the seventies SESAMO discovered its vocation for the production of automatisms for sliding doors: a quality that gives Sesamo a precise organizational, technological and product reality over the following thirty years.


Windows, doors and façades – sustainable and innovative Schüco is one of the leading suppliers of high-quality window, door and façade systems made from aluminium, PVC-U and steel. Millions of Schüco products are used all over the world and meet the highest requirements of design, comfort, security and energy efficiency.

SAPA Building systems

Sapa Building Systems is a major force in the UK fenestration industry. We offer a wide range of innovative aluminium building systems and solutions for Curtain Walling and Façades, Doors, Windows and Specialist Applications.


Winsa PVC Window Shutter Systems was established in Adapazarı in 1998 under the roof of Sabancı Holding. Winsa continued its activities in Adapazarı until 2004, at Ege Profil San. and Tic. Inc. and continued to grow rapidly and moved to its factory in Kartepe, Kocaeli in 2008. factory equipped with the latest technology on a total area of ​​40.000 m,

Çuhadaroğlu Aluminum

Çuhadaroğlu Aluminum Industry and Trade Inc., which produces project-specific solutions, determines the needs of the construction and offers contemporary solutions that require uniqueness, superior quality and advanced technology. The company is one of the rare foundations around the World that can fulfill its commitments including designing, testing, manufacturing and mounting services.


Deceuninck helps build a sustainable home. Based on our core technologies of PVC extrusion and patented Twinson material, we create innovative building solutions for windows & doors, outdoor living, roofline & cladding, and interior. Our solutions meet today’s demand for timeless and elegant design, while striving to achieve the lowest possible ecological footprint.

Gencer Aluminium

Since its very foundation, Gencer Aluminium has opted for a fully-integrated aluminum processing plant to meet customer demand most flexibly. Extrusion, homogenized hot-top billet casting, die tooling, anodizing, powder coating, wood-effect facilities maintain production in accordance with international quality standarts since 25 years.


high quality with exceptional physical performance characteristics providing both thermal and acoustic flexibility. we provide doors, windows and other solutions in construction field.

wide range

High-quality design range for interior and exterior use, different colors, textures and dimensions.


Our aluminum window and door system include: Casement window and door; Sliding window and door; tilt-turn window and door; fixed and artistical window and door, lift & slide etc, we can provide you with customized options that suit your requirement.


Aluminium windows prove to be a great option as they provide durability at affordable prices.


Our Aluminium products features hardware designed specifically to obtain the maximum level of security and privacy.


Maximum air and water impermeability thanks to EPDM glass and system seals.


We have a team of professional workers to ensure to perfect installation of our aluminium products.

Glass Facade

Our company, which produces in world standards with its high technology, has accomplished many successful works both at home and abroad. In today's architecture, where drawing technology and 3D project design are quite advanced, we encounter many different facade designs. As a result of this differentiation, the building elements are also demanded in different geometries, and this affects the manufacturing methods. Our aim as a company is to provide and maintain the development of manufacturing equipment and all kinds of equipment in parallel with developing facade technology.


Maximum air and water impermeability thanks to EPDM glass and system seals.

New technology

combines technology and design with the demands of contemporary building architecture and construction.


clamped silicone facade systems are preferred when a complete glass appearance is required


It is designed to withstand the adverse conditions such as earthquakes, building settlements, wind, storm, etc.

Easy to use

with high quality dynamic design, glass panels can be easily opened and closed to respond to client needs.


We improve the quality of security and privacy in our glass facade systems.

PVC Doors & Windows

Dismar PVC windows and doors have proven reliable with scientific research; insulation, durability, maintenance, high strength values ​​have been one of the most suitable options for consumers. Dismar PVC windows and doors offer significant cost advantages both in purchase and during their lifetime.


Maximum air and water impermeability thanks to EPDM glass and system seals.


New PVC windows offer a service life of more than 50 years.

Suitable Prices

PVC windows offer significant cost advantages both in purchase and during their lifetime.


Quality PVC windows are extremely easy to maintain and require minimal maintenance.


A wide range of profile types,colors and sizes are available.


Modern PVC industry is very eco-friendly and uses clean construction methods.


Experience the magic of a truly smart home. in our Showrooms, our professionals demonstrate incredible smart home solutions like Intercom Anywhere, whole-home voice control, smart lighting, intelligent security, and more. You’ll even discover how you can further personalize your home using our high quality systems.


Maximum level of security against any threat.


One device to control all, No more fussing with multiple remotes or devices.


Easy to use and set the perfect ambiance for your house or business place.

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control your house on site or abroad bu our high quality designed mobile applications.


select the level of enclosure you desire.


monitor your house and surroundings for better privacy.


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